Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons using the latest technology to improve your game

The golf lesson integrates both theoretical learning and practical application, with hands-on practice sessions on the range. At the end of each lesson, students receive personalized drills to reinforce the specific skills covered during the session. These drills can be practiced either at the range or in the comfort of their home, aiding in the improvement of the targeted aspects addressed in the lesson.

Improve Your Golf Game with Rosebud Country Club Golf Academy

Rosebud Country Club Golf Academy offers premium golf lessons from its custom-built teaching facility situated on the practice range. Complete with a 200+ meter driving range, chipping and putting areas, and a practice bunker, our facilities provide all the resources necessary to elevate your skills.

Lessons are conducted by our certified PGA Professional (Advanced Coaching). Our PGA Professional oversees personalized lessons covering various aspects of the game, including:

– Golf Swing Improvement

– Chipping

– Putting

– Bunker play

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Rosebud Country Club Golf Academy features state-of-the-art equipment for swing analysis. High-speed USB3 cameras capture your golf swing, which is displayed on high-definition screens for detailed analysis and slow-motion replays. Our FlightScope Doppler radar measures 50+ data parameters, providing insights into distance, strike location, and flight characteristics.


With the addition of SAM Balance Lab, pupils can visualize weight transfer dynamics during their swing, eliminating guesswork and facilitating precise analysis.

Our facilities also include a practice chipping area, putting green, and practice bunker, catering to all skill levels.

Each golf lesson integrates theory and practical application, culminating in personalized drills for continued improvement. Whether practiced on the range or at home, these drills target specific areas covered in the lesson, ensuring continuous progress.

Unlock your potential with Rosebud Country Club Golf Academy.

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

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