SAM PuttLab

SAM PuttLab: Advanced Putting Analysis Technology

With putts comprising over 40% of all strokes in a round of golf, the putter stands as one of the most critical clubs in your arsenal. Yet, many golfers overlook the importance of proper putter fitting. Leveraging the cutting-edge SAM PuttLab technology, our experts can precisely determine your individual putter requirements. Whether it's optimizing alignment, refining stroke mechanics, or enhancing consistency, the SAM PuttLab provides invaluable insights to help you master the green with confidence.

Introducing SAM PuttLab: State-of-the-Art Putting Technology

At the forefront of cutting-edge technology, the Rosebud Country Club Golf Academy proudly offers access to the Science & Motion SAM PuttLab, revolutionizing the way golfers refine their putting skills. This advanced system provides unparalleled insights into a golfer’s putting stroke, allowing for precise analysis and targeted improvement strategies. With its high-precision sensors and sophisticated software, the SAM PuttLab captures crucial data points such as clubface angle, swing path, and impact dynamics, providing a comprehensive understanding of each golfer’s putting technique.

By utilizing the SAM PuttLab, our PGA Professional can identify areas for improvement and receive personalized feedback tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s refining alignment, optimizing tempo, or enhancing consistency, the SAM PuttLab empowers golfers to make informed adjustments that lead to tangible improvements on the green. With guidance from our expert instructor, golfers can harness the insights gained from the SAM PuttLab to elevate their putting performance and lower their scores with confidence.

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